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We started oiur line of equipment (ball winders) in 2006 specifically to provide a commercial grade ball winders to yarn shops. We knew that they did not like using the plastic ball winders that they were "forced" to use (due to the lack of a good quality alternative unit).

Our focus had always been on the yarn shops. This led to the development of a motorized winder (2008) and then a meterized winder (2009). Yarn shops quickly added our equipment to their shops. Then in 2010, we introduced our Heavy Duty Swift and Skeinwinder which were also designed for shop and professional use.

Today, our systems are in shops located Worldwide and are recognized as the equipment of choice for commercial use.

If you are a new or existing shop owner, here is how you will benefit from using our equipment:

Ball Winders
Our manual winders are much more comfortable to use and better for your health because they have a much larger turning radius and are less prone to causing any wrist related injuries. You will be amazed at how much different the winding experience is when using our ball winder as compared to any other.

Lastly, if you have had it with umbrella swifts that break constantly, then you can add our Heavy Duty Swift (or skein-winder which is just a swift with an electronic  meter). Our line of swifts are shaped like a Ferris Wheel and are much easier to load and unload. These units are heavy duty designs and can hold skeins up to 2 meters (which is 8 inches larger than a 2 yard skein). We have floor stands for these as well. If winding skeins, we can wind 1, 2 or 3 skeins at a time (optional kit required).
Our Heavy Duty Swifts do for the World of swifts what our ball winder did for that market.

Lastly, we have many other smaller tools and a line of high quality tools for spinners. As a yarn shop owner, you will come to recognize NKK as one of the most advanced tool design companies in this industry.
Our motorized ball winder is pure joy. Once you go electric, you will ever want to wind manually again (nor will your staff). The unit can wind your customers' balls while you answer their questions or even help them with another issue/purchase. We guarantee that our winder will not break your yarn. The reason is because our winder utilizes an "automatic slip" system which forces the winder to stop turning as soon as a jam or other interference occurs.

You can start with one of our manual winders and add the Power Base (motor drive) at a later time. They go together very easily and it takes less than 5 minutes to mount the ball winder on the power base.

Check the web for "chatter" betwen shop owners and you will see that shops love our motorized ball winder

Electronic Meters
After you have added the motorized ball winder, if you need to split skeins in half, then you can add either our Electronic Yarn Meter or our Skein-winder which has an onboard Electronic Rotation Counter. These meters wil automatically stop the Power Base from winding when the qty. you have entered has been reached.
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