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Bobbin and Cone Holder

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Tech Alert 7-31-2015

We learned that at least 1 production lot of Yarn Bobbin and Cone Holders had a defect. This defect is related to how the steel rods fit into the slots on the 2 side walls of the unit. The grooves were not cut deep enough into the wood and as a a result, our standard 8-1/4" rods do not fit into the slots properly.

Instead of sending affected users new wooden parts, we will send them 2 new shorter 8" rods which will fit into the slots with no problem.
The normal operation of the unit is not affected by this change in rod length as the user will still have approx 7-1/4" of space between the side walls which is the original specification.

Please notify us at 800-731-5648 (USA) or 919-387-9197 (International) if you have an affected unit. Or send us an email 

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