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The ABLK is a high performance Lazy Kate based on an advanced     design by NKK

The "Anything but Lazy Kate™" has an extensive list of features     that spinners will not find anywhere else. This unit was originally launched in August 2012. It was immediately the most advanced Lazy Kate on the market back then and remains in that position top this day.

It employs the tilt-back design for using gravity to provide a     certain amount of tension on the bobbins. What makes our tilt-back design     unique is that we have infinite adjustability of the tilt angle. We have now added the "Lay Flat" feature which allows the unit to sit perfectly flat, if necessary. The user     can now adjust it from 0 to 45 degrees and everywhere in between. We     accomplish this by means of a custom designed lid bracket that is     controlled by an adjustable knob.
    We also use our tensioning post design that we developed for our World     famous ball winders and skein-winders. Each bobbin has it own adjustable     yarn guide with a 1" diameter orifice on the wireform which is perfect for art yarns.     This means that each bobbin can be independently tensioned by means of the     adjustable tension guide.
    We also provide our standard tension cord system which     is used on our Jumbo Lazy Kate. The tensioning cord is controlled by a peg that can be turned by the user.     The cord runs around the bobbins and provides even tension on all three     bobbins simultaneously.
    Three forms of tensioning and yarn control in a single Kate! Unheard of, until the ABLK was launched!
    The rods measure 3/16" diameter x 8.25" long and they will hold     all known bobbins. They are made of stainless steel. We also have 11.25" rods available which are needed for super large bobbins or 10" cones.
    Our dovetailed hardwood box even stores all of the guides, rods, peg, and     knobs inside. The knob that adjusts the tilt mechanism also locks the box     lid down so that everything remains intact. It even includes a "classy" handle. The handle enables the user to carry the unit like a small     briefcase.
    The unit can mount three 5"+ diameter bobbins at the same time. In     fact, there is 6" between each bobbin rod so we provide extra room for     those overloaded bobbins. Our standard rods are 8.25" tall so the unit can fit any     bobbin and even 7" cones!  Where else can you get such flexibility in a     single Kate?
    Update: Since announcing the ABLK we have also     announced 3 other products which use some of the same features as the ABLK.     These are our Yarn Pet™, Yarn Pet Duo™, and Yarn Pet Trio™.     These are designed to hold your yarn balls (or cones) while you knit but     the ABLK can do the same thing that these do. With the addition of the Cone     Accessory Kit™ the ABLK owner can also hold balls/cones of yarn and knit     right from the lazy kate. You do not need these other products unless you     want more portability (some Pets are smaller than the ABLK).

Cone Accessory     Kit - This kit allows the user to mount 7" Yarn Cones onto the rods. 2 wooden     discs, an Allen wrench, two steel washers, 3 different rubber stoppers, and 4 steel collars are available     as an optional Cone Accessory Kit™.  If you need a top notch cone     holder (which can be tensioned!), then get one or more of these kits. One kit is needed for each rod position on your ABLK (many users simply enable 1 position to hold cones).

This kit also allows the user to mount balls of yarn on te rod so they can knit from the ABLK. Operate like our Yarn Pet Series.

Click to view the:
  • User's Guide     for the ABLK
  • Instructions     for Cone Accessory Kit

Country Spinner Option - we offer a special kit that allows Ashford Country Spinner users to mount their really large bobbins on our kate. The kit includes 2 specially designed stainless steel tubes that fit over the normal ABLK rods plus a custom designed anti-tip bracket to allow the ABLK to tilt its lid back with the CS bobbins installed. This is more than likely the ONLY Kate that can handle these large bobbins.
We hope that our customers will agree that this is the most complete and capable lazy kate system ever produced. This is one of the reasons that you should always select your fiber tools from a tool maker like Nancy's Knit Knacks.
The Anything but Lazy Kate™ -  a "must have" tool for spinners.
   Note: the unit measures 13.5" wide by 6.5" deep x 2.75" tall.
    There are 4 knobs included and all are the same size and are interchangeable.
    Our three 8-1/4" tall stainless steel rods (3/16" diameter) are packaged in a DP Needle tube. All bobbins will fit onto these rods. In addition to bobbins, these rods can also hold 7" cones (optional Cone Accessory Kit is needed to properly support the cone). The rods can also be used with our drinking straw transfer and storage system     for drop spindle users.
    We also offer optional 11.25" tall rods for those who want to mount 10" tall cones.
    This Kate does so many things which is why we named it the "Anything but Lazy Kate" because if you use it to its full extent, it will not have any time to be lazy!

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Bob's Commentary:

We had a highly successful lazy kate for over 10 years. Others tried to copy our design, but our features and quality still reigned supreme after all of those years.

Then we developed the ABLK (the internal project name was Lazy Kate 2) at the urging of a local (but famous) art yarn guru by the name of Esther Rodgers. We dragged our feet for over a year but then, we eventually got our act together and finally got the product designed.

We made sure that we met both Esther's design goals as well as ours and then we carefully refined the design. Many custom designed parts were needed for the LK2 which always takes time and costs money. But then comes the day when all of the parts are in and we assemble the first production unit. We run our tests and WOW! We then realize that what we had hoped for in this design was now a reality! The unit was, indeed, a truly unique product which had more capabilities than any other Kate on the market. We all immediately knew that the ABLK would become the Lazy Kate of choice for demanding spinners.

It employs the tilt-back design as well as the traditional tensioning cord system. But then we go one more step beyond that by adding a fully adjustable yarn guide tensioner for each bobbin! This means that the user can tension their yarn 3 separate ways. Never in the history of lazy kate production has there been anything like this. But we didn't stop there. We gave the user a handle and a high quality hardwood case that holds all of the parts - in style. You can carry it like a miniature brief case.

I would never have imagined prior to starting this project that such a great kate was possible, but as always, when your design team focuses on excellence and providing the end user with all the features that we, ourselves, would want, then the team pushes itself to produce the best design possible without being overly concerned about cost. In the end, it is the right thing to do. Design for function and form and overall cost will follow.  
Country Spinner Option
We offer an option that adapts the HUGE Country Spinner bobbins so they can fit onto the Anything but Lazy Kate. The option consists of adding 3/8" diameter stainless steel tubes that fit over the 11.25" rods which then allow the bobbins to fit snugly onto the tubes.
Here are some images of the ABLK in action with Country Spinner bobbins.
Watch our video which demonstrates our Country Spinner Option
The optional kit includes a special support bracket (anti-tip) that extends rearward to prevent the ABLK from tilting backward when really heavy bobbins are installed and the tilt-top is raised to add tension. The bracket is user installable and pack inside the ABLK when not in use. This item is available now.

Price for the Kit which will enable 2 CS bobbins to be installed $40 (does not include the ABLK) and it includes new Anti-Tip Bracket.

Lay Flat Operation
As of the late Summer 2014 all ABLKs ship with an additional series of 3 holes in the top. This allows the user to mount their bobbins in these inner holes which permit the top of the ABLK to lay flat. This is a new standard feature.

If you own an ABLK already and want to add these holes, here is a link to instructions on modifying your ABLK.
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