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Ball WinderWonky Balls due to dirty ball winderClean the inside gears on the ball winder periodically especially if you see wonky shaped balls. Wonky shaped balls are caused by a dirty ball winder or by an O-ring that is too tight against the pointy shaft. See this video to clean ball winder.
Update 6-24-2015 - we are introducing a new gasket for our Ball Winder which will reduce or eliminate this problem. See "Gasket" in spare parts.
Ball WinderWonky Balls 
O-ring tightness
If the flange o-ring is too tight or too loose, you will get mis-shapened balls of yarn (wonky balls). Do the spin test to see if the oring tightness is the problem. Spin the handle really fast and let it go. Then count the number of complete rotations the handle makes on its own energy after letting it go. It should go around 4 to 6 times. If it is 3 or less it is too tight. If it is 7 or more it could be too loose. See this video.
Ball WinderHandle and Pulley on BW when used with Power BaseLoosening up and will not remain tight on shaft. 2014 and 2015 production had the incorrect set screw installed which did not lock the handle to the shaft.  Need to install 1/4-20 Cup Pint set screw to correct problem. See 
Power BaseStretched beltUnit seems to have less power. Could be caused by a dirty ball winder or an o-ring that is too tight on the ball winder. If these are OK it could be that your belt is stretched so replace it. Remember, the motor needs to be replaced at about 2,000 hours of operation.
Power BaseControl panel will not work anymore.See if there is a raised up section between the Run and Job buttons. If so, press it down and hold it down and then try the buttons to see if it works. If it does, then the membrane is defective. Please contract Bob at NKK. 
Yarn MeterThe wheels turn intermittently and count is offLook for a small black rectangular piece of rubber underneath the pulley and remove it. You will need to take the front plastic cover off first.
Niddy NoddyMetal Insert is too deep in the handle and bolt cannot reach itWe will have to replace that handle for you. There is no fix in the field that the user can apply.

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