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We offer the knitting industry's most complete and most accurate needle gauge. We are not a needle manufacturer, nor are we a large company within the industry, but we have applied our knowledge of knitting and engineering and have developed a much better needle gauge than currently exists from any other supplier.


In addition to being a great tool, our Gauge is part of an integrated system of information cards - our Knit-Kard system. The gauge is the same size as our Knit-Kards and can be connected to the same key ring.

Why is our gauge better than any other on the market?
  • Its size fits into your hand properly and you can manipulate the needles into and out of the holes more easily than with the other gauges
  • It has more needle size holes than any other gauge - 24 in total.
  • It is accurate. We machine each hole into the plastic with a computerized cutting machine (CNC cutter). The others stamp theirs out of metal or mold them in plastic. Both methods are inferior when compared to CNC operations. Why do we use the more expensive method CNC? Because it is more accurate.
  • We also list the metric and US needles sizes as well as Crochet Hook sizes (Crochet Hook sizes are for reference only).
  • Our gauge is made in the USA. Theirs are typically made in China, India, and Germany.
  • Our gauge is legible. We use a special ink that prints crisply and will not wear off.
  • Our unit will not break or bend easily.

We usually receive emails from customers who buy our gauge who tell us horror stories of how inaccurate their old gauges were. They now only use ours.

Yes, we know it is strange that a small company like ours can out design the bigger companies in this market. The reason is simple - we put tremendous thought into the design of this product and apparently, they did not. We do not think twice about using the best manufacturing process to make an important measurement tool like our gauge. Many of our competitors use the least expensive method.

We also do not manufacture needles. We are not beholden to our own needle sizes. Our tools support all needle sizes and brands.
When you need a tool, always select your tools from a tool manufacturer like Nancy's Knit Knacks.

Our Needle Gauge includes needle holes for sizes 1.50 mm to 19 mm - (US sizes 000 to 35) 24 holes in total. There is no other gauge on
the market that has this many needle sizes.
The gauge measures 3-5/16" x 5-25".
It has a matte white color with Navy Blue ink.

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