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Wraps Per Inch

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An innovative tool that helps the fiber artist measure the WPI (Wraps Per Inch) of their yarn.

Our WPI Tool is a handy device for all fiber artists who want to measure their fiber's WPI. Increasingly, WPI is being used by designers and yarn manufacturers when specifying their designs or yarn characteristics. Two yarns that have the same WPI can be exchanged. This is important if you are trying to substitute one yarn for another for a given pattern.

A highly engineered wooden tool for knitters and spinners. Made in the USA.

Measure the number of times that your yarn wraps around the tool up to the 1 inch mark. Count the wraps and that is the WPI.  Then check the chart on our WPI Knit-Kard (included), and that will tell you what weight your yarn is.
The WPI Tool Kit includes the WPI Tool and our WPI Knit-Kard which includes instructions on using the tool plus reference data for interpreting the WPI measurements.

Our WPI Tool:
  • Is made from birch hardwood which has an oil stain finish applied
  • Measures 5" in length x 5/16" diameter (Yarn Guide knob measures 5/8")
  • All markings are laser etched into the wood and will not wear off.
  • There are markings for up to 3 inches which allows you to calculate a more accurate average WPI on certain hairy yarns.
  • There are also 1/2 inch marks.
  • A special yarn guide knob is used to hold your yarn in place while measuring the WPI.
  • A special WPI Knit-Kardâ„¢ comes bundled with the tool in a ziplock bag. The Kard tells the user how to use the tool and provides a useful WPI chart for 6 different weights of yarn.

We are the leading worldwide provider of WPI Tools. We have sold over 40,000 tools in the last few years. Why do knitters and spinners prefer our unit?
  • It is made from Wood
  • The ruler is laser etched and will not wear off
  • The tool is highly engineered and ergonomic
  • Our copyrighted WPI Knit-Kardâ„¢ is included
  • It is made in the USA
  • It is the best WPI tool on the market
  • It is priced right at $9.99

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