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BW Gasket info

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Our new ball winder gasket is designed to prevent dirt and fiber debris from entering the ball winder's gear system. Installed on all new BW production starting July 30 2015.

Customers who own production from prior periods can purchase this gasket and install it themselves. It is easy to install but the user will need to reset the Black Oring tension after installation. Some users may want to wait to install the new gasket until they clean the ball winder out (see our video).

You should have about 1/2" gap between the top of the wooden ball winder body and the clamp ring assembly. Some older units had less than 1/2" and if this gets to 1/4" or so, it may mean that the new Gasket may not fit properly (this is rare, however). The gasket needs a minimum gap of about 3/8" or more.

Installation: you must remove the spindle and spindle arm assembly from the ball winder by loosening the the 2 screws slightly and then sliding the spindle arm and spindle up and off the unit.

Then you slide the new Gasket down on the torque tube and move it down to a position just slightly above the wooden surface. Since the gasket will spin with the spindle as it turns, you do not want to have the Gasket rub against the wood surface. That will mark the wood and create some drag. So just get it close to the wood but not touching.

Re-install the spindle arm assembly and reset the (see this video if necessary O-ring tension).

The gasket will now prevent the majority of fiber from entering the unit. However, since it is not air tight, some fiber may still enter the gear system. It is for this reason that you should still inspect and clean the internal gear system periodically.

Use this as a guide:

  1. Yarn shops and businesses should inspect the internal gears for fiber build-up (and clean if necessary) once per year 
  2. Knitters at home should inspect and clean every 3 years
  3. If the handle ever gets difficult to turn, then do the spin test and determine how many rotations the handle makes on its own energy. If it is 3 or less, then first check and correct the o-ring tension but if that does not correct the spin test to 4 to 6 turns of the handle, then inspect the gear system for fiber build-up. 
  4. If the fiber build-up is noticeable when inspecting the gears, then clean the ball winder out (see how-to-clean video)

The Gasket should minimize the amount of fiber that can enter the gear system but it is not guaranteed to work 100% of the time. However, it should significantly reduce the need to clean the system as often and in some case it may completely eliminate the need for cleaning. But don't forget, you may still have a need to periodically oil the shaft/bearing contact points to prevent squeaking or to allow it to run smoother, etc. 

Let us know how it works (or doesn't work) for you. We value your feedback. Our customers collectively wind billions and someday, trillions, of yards of yarn. They wind far more than we will ever have time or resources to wind ourselves. 

Only 1 gasket is needed per ball winder. They do not wear out so once they are installed, you should never need to replace it.

All ball winders shipped as of August 2015 have this gasket pre-installed.

PLEASE only buy 1 per ball winder - they do not wear out and only 1 is needed per ball winder
(we need to make sure we can cover demand with our available stock - if everyone buys 2 we will run out!)   

Purchase a BW Gasket below:

BW gasket for USA customers $1.50 Postage paid
(make sure you select special Gasket postage during checkout)



BW gasket for ALL International customers $3.50 Postage paid
(make sure you select special gasket postage during checkout)

Please do not order anything else with the gasket unless you want to pay postage for your entire order.
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