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Ball/Cone Holders

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NKK offers a unique set of ball and cone holder tools.
Our tools provide solutions for all fiber artists that deal with either cones or calls (which is everyone)!

Our Yarn Pet™ line of tools covers the following:
  • Yarn Pet™ (holds a single ball or cone)
  • Yarn Pet Duo™ (holds one large ball or cone or 2 medium sized balls or cones)
  • Yarn Pet Trio™ (holds three large cones (or balls))

The Yarn Pet series employs our special technology of spinning the ball or cone on a disc and removing the yarn horizontally to both eliminate the problem of re-twisting the yarn as well as guiding it thru our on-board tensioner. The result?  The yarn properly behaves and does not get tangles or messed up nor does it get re-twisted. The user can also add variable tension to the yarn which enhances the level of control over the yarn.

In addition to our Yarn Pets, we also have a Yarn Bobbin and Cone Holder as well as our line of Lazy Kates. All of our products that use our 3/16" rods can be easily modified to hold balls or cones using our Yarn Pet technology.

By adding a YP Cone Kit (to a Pet series product) or a Cone Accessory Kit (to a Lazy Kate), the user can then mount balls or cones on these other tools.

The NKK system of ball and cone holders is the most complete in the fiber arts industry. We can hold any size ball or any size cone and deliver yarn off of our tool without re-twisting the yarn and put it under tension as well!

These tools are simple and yet they are sophisticated as well.
Keep in mind that the Lazy Kates were designed to perform bobbin holding functions for spinners. Now those spinners can also ply from singles on cones as well as use their kates for knitting or anything else that requires a ball or cone to be supported.

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