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Although NKK is not known as a Weaving tool supplier, some of our products clearly cross over to the benefit of weavers.

We have a selection of cone holders in our YArn Pet Line (Pet, Duo and Trio). These innovative cone holders are technically superior to the traditional vertical holders that simply serve as a rest for the cone. We spin the cone and eliminate the re-twisting of yarn and we add an onboard tensioner. We have many different yarn guides as well to steer the yarn wherever the user wants it to go.   

We have adapted our famous Heavy Duty Ball Winder into a Cone Winder. Since we have both manual and motorized versions of the cone winder, plus a metering option, our unit is the most robust system that you can get for this price point. The other options are $2,000 for a refurbished industrial unit with no metering, or a $300 unit that is not reliable. 

Since we essentially wind a ball on the cone's surface, we end up with a cone that is a hybrid. This mean that although we use an industry standard cone, we have a ball shap on the cone after winding.

In the tests that we have performed, we believe the yarn comes off better when it is wound in this manner. There are technical reasons for this but essentially it has less snag and catch points and has more consistent tension. Plus when used with our Yarn Pets, the yarn can be easily tensioned.

The only potential shortcoming of winding cones in this manner is that you can only put 10-12 ounces onto a standard 7" cone. 

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