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Scarf Fold-up

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A great tool designed specifically for scarf knitters!

Our Scarf Fold-up™ allows scarf knitters to control and manage their scarves while knitting.
You simply wrap your scarf around the tool and then stretch the braided elastic strap around the scarf. Because the tool distributes the length (and bulkiness) of the scarf around a 8" wide by 6" long area, the scarf becomes very manageable and compact. Since it is being held in place by the elastic, it also  remains securely intact. Your scarf edges will not curl up as readily, either.

But you are sure to make much use of the other great features of this new tool.
  • A "true" 4" x 4" stitch and row gauge - our gauge makes it easy to check your rows and stitches. Because we have a see-thru window with both US Inches and Metric measurements, our tool "frames" your knitting allowing you to easily count your rows and stitches.
  • A "complete" US and Metric Needle conversion chart - our chart gives you all of the needle data that you will need.
  • Rulers - our tool has both 8" and 20 cm rulers.
  • Length of scarf - Since the Scarf Fold-up measures 6" high, each time you wrap your scarf around it, you can easily determine its length by multiplying the times it wraps around each side by 6". If it wraps around 2 complete times, the scarf is now 2 feet in length. If it wraps 3-1/2 time it measures 3-1/2 feet. Each complete wraps is 1 foot. It doesn't get any easier than this!
  • Remember to account for the thickness of the ever increasing scarf as this will also add to the length slightly.
  • Legending - All printing is in black on a white background making it easy to read. It will not to wear off.
  • Our new Scarf Fold-up™ is a high quality, precision tool and joins our family of precision gauges including our Needle & Hook Gauge -  the market's best needle gauge. You may buy it for the Scarf Fold-up feature or you may buy it for its other neat features. But do buy it, because after you own one, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Size: 8-3/4" x 6" x 1/16" thick
Material: Clear Lexan
Made in the USA

Special Thanks!
To two of our developers who were instrumental in helping to develop this fine product (we could not have developed it without them):
  • Helene McDonough (Nancy's mom!)
  • Michael MacKinnon (an NKK customer)

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