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As a general rule, our swifts and skein-winders do not typically need spare parts. However, there some items that a user may need over time, especially if they lose any parts. This section lists the parts that a user may need.

Part NameFunctionPrice/Link
Flexi-skeiner upgrade kit for 5" Single guides,
Set of 4. This includes everything that you need to convert your wooden guides to the new Flexi-skeiner guides. You will need to use the aluminum sleds, plastic plates with line, brake pads, and knobs from your existing setup.

This kit is for upgrading the original wood yarn guides on early production units. Early units can fail if the insert in the wooden guide strips out. The Flexi-skiner units cannot fail in that manner.
Brake Pad, set of 2 (order 2 sets if you want to replace all 4 pads)These are the black plastic strips that that knob on the yarn guide presses against to stop the sled assy.
Flex-skeiner clear plastic disc for Single, Double or Triple guide.   There is one disc on each single yarn guide. If yours becomee cracked, scratched or damaged, you can replace it. 
L-Bolt, block, and wing nut with black capThere are two of these that are required to hold the swift to the table.
Knob - for I-Beam Holds I-Beam assy to the Table mount or the Floor stand
Knob - for Rotator PlateThis knob secures the metal rotator plate to the wooden base on Table top units (2 are used) 
Knob - Yarn Guide Sled AssyThis knob locks the slding sled assy on the aluminu arms (4 are used) 
Knob - Yarn Guide Post on Floor Stand unitsThis knob secures the singe or triple yarn guide post on the floor stand
Stop screw kit
This stop screw prevents the yarn guide sled assy. from coming off the end of the aluminum arm (4 are used)

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