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SuperDuper Tubes

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Introducing new SuperDuPer DP Tubes™

We had some customers request that we make a larger DP tube to hold these larger size needles, so we did! Now knitters who use #10.5 thru #13 DP's can organize and protect their larger needles.

Our new DP Tubes will hold complete 5 needle sets of the following US sizes:

  • 10.5 (and smaller sizes)

  • 10.75

  • 11

  • 13

  • 15 (4 needles)


  • SuperDuPer DP Tubes have a 1.0" inside diameter which is enough space to hold up to 5 #13 needles.
  • Our original DP Tubes have a 5/8" inside diameter and they can hold up to 5 #10 needles.
  • SuperDupers are based on a telescoping paper tube design just like our other tubes.
  • They will hold up to 10" long needles. Paper color is purple and yellow and is glossy.
  • SuperDuPer DP Tubes™ are Purple and Yellow.

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