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DP Wip Tube

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DP Wip Tube™ - A solution for holding and protecting your valuable and delicate Double Pointed Needles while they are still connected to your project!

  • Your stitches and needle tips are both protected
  • Tubes adjust to accommodate all lengths of DP Needles
  • Lightweight, low cost, highly functional and attractive
  • Our latest addition to our paper tube product line now protects both your DP needles and your Project at the same time. Our DP Wip Tubes™ allow you to properly protect your project while it is in progress (work in progress or "Wip").
  • Price: $6.50 for a set of 2 tubes and a free DP Tube

Our solution consists of strong, rigid, paper telescopic tubes with closed ends. Their 5/8" inside diameter is wide enough to hold your needles and your knitted project.
The tubes can extend to hold 5" to 10" long needles.

Why are our DP Wip Tubes so great?
  • They are inexpensive so you can easily afford to own one or more packages of 2 Tubes each.
  • They allow you to protect your DPNs and your project while it is in progress better than any other solution while maintaining a sleek form factor.
  • They are flexible and extend to hold both the shortest and longest needles. They do this while protecting both the needle bodies, tips, and stitches. Needles cannot be broken while inside our tubes.
  • Your stitches are safely protected inside the tube and less likely to fall off of the needles.
  • Wip Tubes are attractive - in leatherette look embossed papers (Navy Blue inner and rich Red outer tubes with white linings (acid-free paper)).
  • They are made in the USA by our paper tube specialists.        

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