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How to open acct

Open Acct
Your Choice:
Or do you just want to buy equipment for your business?
Then click here to get info on opening a Professional Courtesy account
Do you want to actively sell our products & open a Whse Acct?
If you want to sell NKK products, then click here for more info
If you don't want to resell our products but you need high quality ball winders or swifts for your business then open a Professional Courtesy account instead. click here!
If you would like to make money selling our line of high quality knitting and spinning tools, then open a Wholesale account. If you just need ball winders and swifts for your own business, then open a Professional Courtesy account instead.

For shops that don't want to open an account but
need one of our products for their customer,
then first, we recommend that they consider opening an account
but if they can't, then they should send them to either us or to another shop.
Questions? - please call us
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