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Where to start?

Welcome to the Nancy's Knit Knacks website!

"Where to start" all depends on which type of customer (wholesale, retail, or professional) that you are. If you are not sure what type of customer you are please click here.

We sell to all types of customers. We also have many retailers that offer our products Worldwide where retail customers can purchase our items. Retail customers have many choices as to where to see and buy NKK products. Yan shops, online merchants, Amazon.com thru our various Amazon resellers, fiber show vendors, fiber schools and instructors, etc.

Retail  customers can shop as "Guests"
 in the Shopping Cart and do not need to register at all!

If already registered in the shopping cart, then click here to visit the Shopping Cart

For Professional Courtesy and Whse customers - click here to register in the Whse section where you will get the necessary Registration code for the Shopping Cart. Then when you visit the Shopping Cart, the prices that you see will be the discounted prices applicable to your category.
Professionals and Wholesale customers will need to purchase their products directly from us if they want to enjoy the discounts we offer for such customer types.

All customers can view the products on our product pages. Once a customer registers in our shopping cart, they will be presented with the applicable to their customer type. This is all based on entering the appropriate Registration Code for your customer type during registration.

Note: Retail customers do not need to enter any Registration Code in order to shop in our store

Wholesale and Professional courtesy customers each have their own Registration Code and that code will be issued to you upon completing the Wholesale Section Registration process 


We also provide information on the types of equipment that certain Users may be interested in.

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