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Serious Knitter

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Of course all knitters are serious, but some require the best equipment and tools that are available so they can fully enjoy their craft. For those knitters, we recommend the following tools:

  • Heavy Duty Ball Winder
  • Heavy Duty Swift
  • Wraps Per Inch Tool Kit
  • Yarn Pet
  • Set of Knit-Kards
  • NKK Needle Gauge

Optional items are:
  • Power Base for Ball Winder
  • Yarn Pet Duo for 2 color knitting
  • Set of Knit Blockers

Of course, ALL of our tools could be very useful to a serious knitter. We focus on the development of useful tools, however, some tools may not be needed by certain knitters (example, our line of DP Needle Tubes may not be useful to someone who uses circular needles exclusively).

Serious knitters will appreciate the quality and functionality of our tools. Our line of tools are thoughtful, functional, cost efficient, and innovative. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of these discriminating buyers.

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