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Indie Dyers

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Indie Dyers are individuals or companies that develop dyed yarns using their unique colorways or processes. Although they cover a broad range of users, they typically need the following types of equipment:

  • 2 Yard Swifts and Skein-winders
  • 4 Yard Swifts and Skein-winders
  • Ball Winders
  • Cone Holders
  • Electronic Yarn Meters
  • Electronic Rotation Counters
Many indie dyers purchase our equipment because we offer both manual and motorized skein-winders. These include 4 yard units as well which allow users to make extremely large skeins (which prevents frequent color repeats).

Our systems can make 1, 2 or 3 skeins at the same time. 

We have unique cone holder systems which prevent the re-twisting of YOUR newly dyed yarn. 

The manner in which your yarn is wound is as important as how it is dyed. Your end users want to be able to use your skeins normally and naturally so having the proper holder for the coned yarns as well as having capable skein-winding and ball winding equipment is critical.
Because indie dyers have heavy production requirements, our motorized equipment which quickly winds the yarn and most importantly, measures its length, is a game changer. As a designer, you should not have to worry about equipment issues when you should be focused on the design elements of your work.

Best of all, our equipment is commercial grade and can withstand the rigors of a busy indie dyer for many years. We also pride ourselves for having backward compatible designs that enable us to develop improvements to existing equipment.

If you are a professional indie dyer, you should seriously consider our line of winders. This equipment will make you much more productive and take a lot of the stress out of meeting heavy production schedules.
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