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For shipping info see the shippng page.

We ship about 1/3 of our orders internationally and have a great track record of making such shipments.
You may check the cost for shipping your order by going to our Online Store and selecting the items you want to ship. Then start the check-out process. You can check the price for shipping BEFORE you enter any credit card data and can elect to abandon the order at any time prior to entering such data. So don't be bashful, check the freight costs by using our system and if you do not like the cost, simply abandon the order by leaving the browser prior to confirming the order.

With International orders, the following charges may apply:

  1. Freight cost - we pay for all freight charges on your behalf and it is included in the cost of the order
  2. Brokerage Fees - FedEx Express - these are charged by FedEx if you select FedEx Express (Air) and are included in the order
  3. Brokerage Fees - FedEx Ground to Canada - these are not included in the order and can be expensive. You would have to pay these separately to FedEx upon arrival.
  4. Brokerage Fees - USPS Postal - these are not included in your order and are typically small at about $6-10. Sometimes they are not charged and sometimes thay are at the time the postal carrier delivers the product to you in your country. We cannot confirm or deny if you will be charged by your postal organization so please check with them concerning their fees.
  5. Advancement Fees - charged by FedEx (see below)
  6. Customs Duty - see below
  7. Taxes - see below

We strongly recommend shipping International orders (except for low weight shipments of 1 oz to 1-3 Lbs) via FedEx International Economy. Postal may be less expensive but they have terrible tracking and NKK will not accept responsibility for lost, late, or delayed  shipments when shipped via Postal. The customer will have to work with their postal and US Postal to resolve issues.

Customs Duty and Tax
We do not pay any duty or tax on your behalf. If your country charges duty or tax then the following will occur:

If the order was shipped by FedEx, FedEx will pay the duty and/or tax on your behalf and then bill you upon delivery. They may add an "Advancement Fee" which covers their expense for paying the duty/tax on your behalf. The Advancement fee may range up to $10-20 or so. You can avoid the advancement fee if you have an account with FedEx and have a credit card on file with them. That way they just charge your credit card for the duty/tax and you avoid the advancement fee. It does not cost anything to open an account wth FedEx so opening an account can save you money. We would need your FedEx account number so we could list it on the shipment, however, we would be paying the shipping cost for you and you would simply be paying the duty and taxes thru your FedEx account.  

If shipped by Postal, your postal organization will charge you when you pick up the shipment.
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