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Rotation Counter ERC

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The Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) is a variant of the EYM. We first developed the EYM in 2009 and then as we were developing the Swift and Skein-winder product line a year later (2010), we knew we needed a similar counter for the swifts.

We then modified the design of the EYM so that instead of measuring the length based on a rotating wheel/shaft, we measured the rotating arms of the skein-winder. Very similar but very different at the same time. Yet, all of the internal and external components could be used with a few hardware and software changes. When the user looks at the two meters, they look alike and the learning curve is similar. However, they use different principles when operating.

The beauty of the ERC is that it is a non-contact system. In other words, the ERC does not touch the yarn at all! It measures the rotations of the Skein-winder and the user enters into the ERC's computer what each rotation (revolution or circumference) is equivalent to in either inches or centimeters. Then, as the skein-winder winds the yarn on (or off) the ERC measures the length of the yarn based on the rotation count multiplied by the measurement for each revolution. Not quite as accurate as the EYM which measures every inch of yarn, but the ERC is extremely accurate nonetheless. The unit can measure:

  • Yards
  • Meters
  • Rotations

It can also measure target quantities of these three measurements. For instance, the user can tell the ERC that each revolution (circumference of the skein) is 55 inches and that they want to measure 235 yards. The ERC will keep track of the total measurement and all of the mathematics behind the scene as the yarn is being wound on and then beep as it reaches the 235th yard. If if is connected to our motorized skein-winder (or motorized ball winder), it wil also turn off the motor drive automatically!  We are the only company that measures yards, meters, and rotations and then turns a motor drive off. This is sophisticated technology especially when combined with our heavy duty winding mechanisms.
When the ERC is connected to the ball winder's power base (which you may do if you do not own our EYM), the ERC will turn the Power Base off as well but we (or the user) needs to change one minor wiring connection inside the Power Base one time.

The ERC, like its sister product (the EYM), is designed for highly repetitive use in a semi-production environment. It is designed with industrial grade electronics, switch panel, and power supply.

Please see our skein-winder section for more information.

We do not list a BUY button here since the ERC is primarily sold as part of the Skein-winder.

We also sell ERCs for use on 3rd party skein-winders. Please contact us if you want to use our ERC with another brand of skein-winder. We even make a model that can turn the motor drive off for the 3rd party winder (IPS version).

The unit uses 100-240 Volts AC (50/60 Hz) on the input and power is delivered to the ERC as 12 Volts DC. User accessible areas are all DC power.

1 year Warranty (consumer and commercial).
No maintenance required.

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