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Jumbo Lazy Kate

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Jumbo Lazy Kate

The Jumbo is the first Lazy Kate that NKK designed during the early 2000's. Nancy designed this Kate and we have made a few improvements to it over the years. This model is simple but very effective. Being a spinner, Nancy knew what she needed and designed it that way.

It can hold 3 large bobbins of 6" diameter each. Each bobbin can be tension controlled. The unit sits flat on the floor which provides a very low center of gravity. It simply will not tip over. Nor will it move around during use (it has 4 sturdy clear plastic feet). We include three 8-1/4" rods (3/16" diameter) with the unit. We also offer taller 11-1/4" trods as an option (good for 7 or 10" cones) or really large bobbins.

In the years 2013/14 we modified the center post and it now allows you to remove the center yarn guide without breaking the yarn.

The unit measures 7" x 7" and is made of Maple hardwood. We stain it but the end user can add their own finish to it if they prefer on top of the stain. 

The Jumbo Lazy Kate is the 2nd in our series of Lazy Kates. Our original Kate measured 6" x 6". The Jumbo measures 7" x 7" and is only 1" larger in both directions than the original Katie a-Go Go. It can accommodate all conventional bobbin sizes including the new larger 5" bobbins.  Some pictures on this page are of the older version so just keep in mind that the Jumbo is slightly larger. It uses all of the same components as the original and fits into a slightly larger denim carry sack

This Kate has become the lazy kate of choice among discriminating spinners. Rock solid, stabile (with a low center of gravity), easy to assemble, and highly portable in its own denim sack. Over the years we have sold a few thousand of these units.

If you require a kate for the new art yarns, then check out our new Anything but Lazy Kate. This Kate that is capable of handling any requirement that you can throw at it. It is not as compact as our Jumbo Lazy Kate but it is self contained and all of it parts store inside the unit.

Note: the Anything but Lazy Kate will not replace the Jumbo Lazy Kate advertised on this page, we will offer both versions since they both solve the needs of different types of spinners!

Anything but Lazy Kate™

Drop Spindle Fiber Artists - Our Kate works well with drop spindles
We developed a breakthrough in transferring yarn
from the spindle to the Lazy Kate
We conceived of the idea of using drinking straws with a Kate for the purpose of transferring your yarn from the drop spindle to the lazy kate. You can either store your yarn on the straw or ply it back to the drop spindle.

Jumbo parts list includes:
  • 7" x 7" x 3/4" thick Maple        hardwood base with 4 clear vinyl feet
  • Center dowel with sturdy stainless steel        yarn loop
  • Tensioning dowel with cord and rubber band
  • 3 - 8" x 3/16" tool grade steel        bobbin rods
  • 3 standard drinking straws cut to length
  • DP Needle Tube to carry the rods and straws
  • Sturdy zippered denim carry sack with a        handle

The Cone accessory kit allows you to mount a cone of yarn (or a ball) on your Kate.

Purchase a Jumbo Lazy Kate below:

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