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Yarn Ball Cores

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Yarn Ball Cores™ are an invention of Nancy's Knit Knacks. Yes, it is true that some users used to use toilet paper rolls mor shortened paper towel tubes to put their yarn onto, but these were either not rigid enough or too long. So when we in vented the HEavy Duty Ball Winder some customers approached us and asked if we could mount yarn onto a paper tube. We did not but started work on it right away.

Most users thought that the tube should go over the spindle so that the yarn would wrap directly onto the tube. This seemed logical but we knew very quickly that would not work. The reason, there was no way to attach the tube to the spindle. So we developed a way for the yarn to slide up and onto the tube.

By pressing the rigid tube against the flat top of the spindle, the yarn could easily be slid upward as a complete ball of yarn and placed onto the tube. We then developed a variety of different sizes of tubes.

By this time we coined the name Yarn Ball Cores™ for this product line.

Over the years we have made the following sizes" but our current and final sizes are as follows:

5" long x 1.2" diameter
3.5" long x 1.2" diameter
1.5" long x 1.2" diameter

Nov 2016 - We have phased out 2 of the above sizes. When the inventory of 3.5" cores runs out we will phase that size out as well.

The key to the core properly "receiving" the yarn from the spindle is for the diameter to be as close as possible to the spindle diameter. That way when the yarn is slid onto the core it will fit snugly on the core.

Our ball winder is available with 2 different spindle sizes (top diameters): 1.625" diameter and 1.25" diameter
The standard spindle has the larger diameter and the Small Diameter Spindle has the 1.25" top diameter. If a person wants to use our Yarn Ball Cores then they are best off using the Small Diameter Spindle. However, cores WILL WORK with the larger spindle as well. The user simply needs to squeeze the ball down after sliding it onto the core.

Our Yarn Ball Cores are made of rigid paper with a white Acid Free outer paper layer. This means that storing your yarn on these cores will not transfer any ink or acids to the yarn.

They are packaged in either ziplock poly bags or boxes depending on how many you purchase.

Purchase Yarn Ball Cores below:

3.5" Long x 1.2" Dia. 20 Pack $6.00

3.5" Long x 1.2" Dia. 80 Pack $20.00

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