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Electronic Yarn Meter

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The Electronic Yarn Meter (EYM) is a commercial grade measurement tool capable of measuring the length of virtually any yarn at an extremely high accuracy rate. It is designed to be used with any ball winder or other tool capable of pulling yarn through the meter. You may even measure yarn by pulling it through by hand, if so desired.
We know of no limitations to its use other than the maximum diameter of yarn  being measured should be less than 5/16". Ribbon yarn may also be measured through the EYM. With ribbon yarn, the ribbon should lay flat on the wheel.
This unit will work with any ball winder or other device that can pull yarn through it. Our NKK Power Base, which has been sold since 2008 and which powers our Heavy Duty Ball Winder, will accept a connection from this meter and allow the meter to shut the Power Base off. We have also added the capability for our Motorized Skein-winder to accept a connection from the EYM.

The EYM Measures Yarn in both Yards and Meters. It will also allow you to convert length to weight so that you can measure out ounces or grams.

Detailed Overview of how the EYM works
The EYM is designed to work with all types of Ball Winders and Swifts. From the smallest ball winder to the largest. The unit can be adjusted both in height and in table depth (in from the table's front edge). This places the EYM's yarn orifice (curly Q) at the correct position between the swift and the ball winder to prevent the addition of unintentional yarn tension.
In addition to the height and depth adjustments, the user can even rotate the EYM Module around the vertical 1" hardwood dowel giving the user a 3rd axis with which to make adjustments in the yarn path.
EYM Model Max. Height from table surface = 14"
Max. Table Depth from front edge of table = 11"
Rotation of meter head = 360 degrees

Accuracy of Measurement
The EYM utilizes a high tech electronic optical encoder system combined with a custom designed microprocessor controlled circuit card.

The unit divides each inch of yarn into 28.4 equal segments and then performs its calculations to measure either yards, meters, or weight. At the maximum speed of the unit (up to 7-10 yds per second) under normal use, this means that over 11,000 data signals are interpreted by the computer every second.

The end result: 0.001% error rate for meters (that is 1 meter per 1,000 meters measured) and 0.003% error rate for yards (that is 3 yards per 1,000 yards measured). The reason that Metric measurements are more accurate is because there are 100 centimeters in a meter and only 36 inches in a yard. This finer degree of resolution for metric results in a more finely tuned measurement. When compared to mechanical meters under the best of circumstances (which have error rates of approx 5% or more) that means that the EYM measures from 17 to 50 times more accurately and much more consistently than the typical mechanical fishing meter based systems.

Accuracy also has much to do with the method by which the yarn drives the measurement wheel/pulley. In the fishing meter type systems, the yarn engages a very small amount of the pulley's surface (20-30 degrees of contact). In the EYM, the contact area is 180 degrees approx.. Furthermore, the EYM utilizes a large diameter drive wheel which has a soft foam rubber type surface which ensures that the yarn will not slip over the surface. Yarn slippage is the Achilles heel of the mechanical fishing meter systems and we made sure in our design of the EYM that yarn slippage would not occur.

Please note, however, that when the user directs the yarn underneath the wheel as opposed to over the top and around the wheel, that slippage could begin to creep into the accuracy equation. But notwithstanding that, accuracy rates in the EYM will still outperform virtually every known metering system.

The last element of measurement accuracy has to do with the mechanical axle that both supports the structure and connects the drive wheel with the optical encoder. The EYM's drive shaft utilizes two ball bearing units to ensure trouble free and friction free rotation. This design does not add any significant drag or tension to the yarn while it is being measured.

Please note: the user must ensure that the axle area in the front of the housing (where the axle emerges from the housing prior to connecting to the drive wheel) is not jammed with fiber debris. Fiber debris build-up in this area will impede the unit from freely turning and cause errors in the measurement or other more serious probems.
  • Yarn Type - The EYM has a 5/16" diameter orifice on its yarn guides. As long as your yarn will fit through these openings, you will be able to measure it with the EYM. This includes ribbon yarns and other novelty yarns.
  • Yarn Direction - You may measure yarn in either direction through the EYM.
  • Power - The EYM utilizes standard 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz power on the input side, but delivers 12 Volts DC to the meter. This makes it capable of being used anywhere on the planet. The unit will go into Sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. The user can bring it out of sleep mode by simply pressing the Reset button once (pressing it twice will clear the last qty. measured and target qty. information).
  • Warranty - 1 year limited warranty for both consumer and commercial users
  • Shipments - started in 2009 and hundreds have shipped since that time.

Other EYM Systems/Connections
In addition to the standard RS485 stop signal that is used by the Power Base used with the Ball Winder, the EYM  can also send a stop signal that is interpreted by 1 other system that we offer (the Motorized Skein-winder). When using it with our motorized skeinwinder, you simply plug the EYM into the EYM jack on the skein-winder. If you would like more information about these other connections, please contact us.
Bob's Commentary
With the EYM, you can do the following:
  • Measure yards in tenths of a yard (3.6" increments)
  • Measure meters in tenths of a meter (10 centimeter increments)
  • Measure* the weight of your yarn in ounces (even hundredths of an ounce)
  • Measure* the weight of your yarn in grams
  • * Weight is measured by the "weight equivalency method." In this method, we take the user entered weight and length for the yarn and create a relationship between weight and length so as the unit measures length, it is also calculating weight. This is a Nancy's Knit Knacks' exclusive feature.
  • Enter a qty of yards or meters (or ounces or grams) that you want to wind into a ball or a skein and have the meter stop the ball winder (or motorized skein-winder) at that point! This capability has never existed in the commercial or consumer market. It is as automated as it gets.

What about accuracy?
  • We break down each each rotation of the measuring wheel into 200 segments. Since the wheel is about 7 inches in circumference that means that we are measuring the yarn in .035" segments. Therefore, each segment is about 1/7 of a quarter inch. Plus we are doing it fast (at speeds up to about 15 MPH).
  • Our mounting stands allow the user to mount the meter right between their swift and ball winder. Gone are the days when the meter was at table level and the yarn had to dip down from the swift to go though the meter and then back up to the ball winder. With our stands, everything can be adjusted, height, depth and angle.
  • Don't have one of our power bases to work with the meter? Don't worry, the meter's electronic tone will sound when the meter measures the qty that you want to measure. This allows you to verify both the digital display as well as hear the audible beep when the target quantity has been measured.

How sturdy is the unit? Will it hold up?
  • It has an aluminum housing for both strength and weight reduction.
  • Custom designed electronics are enclosed in the housing and fully grounded to guard against static issues.
  • Mechanical components include a custom designed shaft supported by ball bearing mounts and slip proof wheel surface that will not allow your yarn to slip over the wheel. Plus our innovative post mounting system used to control elevation of the meter head will amaze the engineers in your company/family.
  • Hardwood construction with stainless steel components and rock solid old-style American engineering provide you with a product that you can be proud of. We certainly are and we know that you will be very impressed with our invention.

Our EYM is the best metering system available today for non-industrial applications. No where else will you find a high quality commercial design that can control ball winders and skein-winders and measure yarn all day long. Our integration of these metering systems along with our motorized winders puts NKK into a separate class as compared to all other suppliers in this industry. Please contact us if you would like more information abiut our metering systems.

NOTICE: The Standard EYMs and VEYMS are available as of May 13th 2016 with full functionality (are able to turn the motorized ball winder off).

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