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Power Supplies

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NKK uses 2 different power supplies. One is 24 Volts DC and is used on all motor applications. The oter is 12 Volts DC and is used on all meter products.

  • 24 Volts DC output for motors
  • 12 Volts DC output for meters

All power supplies are rated for 90-240 Volts AC input 50/60 Hz which means that they can be used everywhere on the planet.

Both of our power supplies include all of the important Worldwide electrical certifications.
They include a 6' long cable and they use a 6' power cord that runs to the wall socket (the 6' Power Cord must be bought separately). Total length of Power Supply and power Cord  = 12 ft.

Both power supplies use a common 6' power cord.

Please make sure you order the separate power cord if you need a complete solution


Purchase a Power Supply and Power Cord below:

Power Supply 24 Volts $18.50



Power Supply 12 Volts $18.50


Power Cord for either Power Supply 12 Volts $4.50
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