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We offer a unique set of tools that relate to knitting needles. NKK does not manufacture needles but we do make some of the best tools available for needles.

  • Work-in-Progress DP Tubes - these protect your DP needles and your stitches while the needles are still connected to your project.
  • DP Needle Tube - these allow you to organize and store your DP needles in protectve telescopic tubes  
  • SuperDuPer DP Tubes - these allow you hold really large DP needle sets  (10-1/2 - 13) in protective tubes
  • Circular Needle ID Tags - these are a high quality product that snap onto the cable of your circular needles and identify the size in both US and metric sizes  
  • Needle Gauge - Our World Class needle gauge is highly accurate and has more needle sizers than any other gauge. We also customize the gauge for shops Worlwide.

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