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Power Bases

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Tech Alerts which affect Power Bases
Tech Alerts are notifications to NKK customers of a problem that has been identified and the correctve action required to fix it.

DateTech Alert #
Part AffectedDescription

062515-BPulley that is installed on Ball Winder which comes packaged with Power Base
Production from Late 2014 - June 2015
The small set screw in the side of the White Plastic Pulley needs to be replaced. It had a FLAT Point as opposed to a CUP tip. This means that the set screw would fail in its ability to "anchor" itself into the crank handle steel shaft. The good news is it is easy to correct. We can send you a new set screw or you can buy one at Lowes/Home Depot/Hdwe Store. Remove the existing set screw and install the correct one as specified below.
Spec: 1/4-20 x 1/4" long Set Screw "Cup" Point tip which is standard.
Click here to request a new Set Screw
3-3-2015Membrane Switch Panel on NKK Power BaseReview this PDF which contains details of the recall.
Membrane Switch Panels that are identified with the words: "Control Panel" on the membrane panel may need to be replaced due to poor adhesives that were used. Membrane buckles up and the switches no longer work reliably.
Contact NKK to learn if you need a new Membrane panel
1-28-2016Plastic Pulley on Power BaseThis pulley must be replaced with a Metal Pulley. The plastic pulley loosens up over time and causes problems. This is a no cost upgrade for customers who purchased Power Bases from March to September 2015. Before and after that time all pulleys were metal. Contact NKK to request a new metal pulley for Power Base (note: the plastic pulley on Ball Winder is OK as is)

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