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Cones and Cores

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NKK offers an extensive line of Yarn Ball Cores and Cones, as well as other paper tube products.

During the very early days of offering our Ball Winder we were approached by many people that wanted to to able to mount yarn on a paper tube. That led us to develop Yarn Ball Cores™. Cores are rigid paper tubes that the user uses to mount a ball of yarn onto after winding the ball. They do not work the way you would nornmally think of them working, however.

Basically, you wind your ball and then you press the core against the top of the spindle on the ball winder and then you pull the ball up and onto the core. It works great.

The ball can then be stored on the core or it can be mounted on other devices to aid in the dispensing of the yarn. These other devices inbclude:
  • Yarn Bobbin and Cone Holder
  • Yarn Pet series
  • A horizontal rod
  • One of our Lazy Kates

Our Yarn Ball Cores are very strong and made of Acid Free white Paper.
They are available in the following sizes:

  • 1.2" dia. x 5" long
  • 1.2" dia. x 3.5" long
  • 1.2" dia. by 1.5" long
  • We "may" also have leftovers in previous sizes (1.0" dia. x 3.5" and .8" dia. by 3.5")

We can make any size core on a special order basis (minimum $250.00 for a large qty.).

Older style paper cores are shown with Kraft colored paper. All current cores are made with acid free white paper.

All cones are industry standard 7" tall cones with standard cone-style paper.

All of our paper tubes and cones are made in the USA,
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