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Yarn Processor

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Yarn Processors are not Indie Dyers but they process a lot of yarn. They may be repackaging the yarn in different skein lengths or ball sizes. They may also be using the fiber from their own animals. Yarn processors can take many different forms.

What is common between them, however, is their need for equipment. If they are large enough they may have industrial grade equipment. If they are not that large, then they can benefit from using our equipment. 

We offer motorized 2 yard and 4 yard skein-winders and swifts as well as motorized ball and cone winders. We are the last stop prior to going industrial. We can help yarn processors both when they are starting up and when they are growing.

Most importantly, we have the accurate metering systems that can measure your yarn which will save you money. 

We offer special discounts to Yarn Processors so please contact us with your list of needs.
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