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Worldwide Customers

Nancy's Knit Knacks sells Worldwide. Why? Because we have the solutions that fiber artists on the planet Earth need right now! We know that sounds corny but its true. The World is a small place and the Internet allows us to be "discovered" by desparate fiber artists regardless of where they are located. Because the USA is the largest knitting market, we are the first place that people look to for solutions, and rightly so.

We ship large winding systems on a regular basis to fiber artists around the world as well as to customers in North America, of course. All of our motorized and electronic systems are based on 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz power input so users Worldwide can use them. Plus, we incorporate metric measurements on our products. NKK is a globally sensitive supplier. 

The following is a list of countries we have shipped products to as of mid-2015. The + sign after a country's name means we have made many shipments to this country.

If you have any questions about our shipping practices, please see this page.
Australia +Canada +
Germany +Great Britain
ItalyJapan +
New ZealandNorway
South AfricaSpain
The NetherlandsUnited Kingdom +
GreeceHong Kong
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