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Yarn Pet Duo

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A Yarn Ball holder that holds two balls of yarn. Perfect for 2 color knitting and any other application that requires 2 balls of yarn
This is the big "sister" of the Yarn Pet. It has a 7" x 7" x 13/64" thick Maple hardwood base (same size as our Jumbo Lazy Kate). It has 3 mounting holes (2 on adjacent corners so that you can get 2 large balls or cones on the platform at the same time or 1 single in the middle for when you have a really large ball or cone).

This Pet is much more substantial than the Yarn Pet single. It was designed to hold 2 versus 1 ball/cone and larghe balls or cones at that.  
Because we direct the yarn through 2 guides, the user has the ability to tension both balls/cones differently.

Read some of the information about the Yarn Pet Technology on this page and on this page.

We offer an optional heavy duty clamp to securely hold it down when using it on a table (note: a clamp is not necessary most of the time but we offer it so you can really secure your set-up and avoid a mishap if something is tangled, etc.).

The Yarn Pet Duo has a a low center of gravity and custom yarn guides.


Optional YP Cone Kit™ for the Yarn Pet™ - the standard Yarn Pet Duo comes with a wooden disc that will support a ball of yarn as well as some cones. However, our optional kit will allow you to support more sizes of cones as well as provide a means by which you can captivate the top of the cone. We also now include rubber stoppers in this kit which help to properly center the cones on the rod.
So, if you plan to mount cones of yarn on the Yarn Pet, then you may want to consider adding the YP Cone Kit™ to your order. 1 kit is for 1 rod so get 2 if you plan to mount 2 cones. Keep in mind that you will be limited in cone size when trying to mount 2 on the Duo. You may be better off using 2 standard Yarn Pets or a Yarn Pet Trio in cases in which your cones exceed 5" in diameter.


Notice: Balls wound at the mill and not by a standard ball winder from a skein, are referred to as mill balls or mill wound yarn. These are long balls and are not the conventional cakes of yarn that a ball winder would make. These types of balls will now work on the Yarn Pet or Yarn Pet Duo although we originally thought they would not.

The reason that they did not work originally is that their ends have yarn which wraps around the rod too closely which catches on the rod. We have now discovered that if you raise the wood disc such that the top of the ball is slightly higher than the rod, then there seems to be no problem using the Pet series of products with this type of ball. You should also avoid using the yarn guide post when using these balls. That will allow the yarn to better navigate around the top of the ball and not get tangled.
Because our design allows the user to raise or lower the disk height, we are able to work around this problem.

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