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Wow, do we have gift ideas here at NKK?!
Unlike yarn choices and patterns, which knitters can be very picky about, tools are much easier to give as a gift.
We have a variety of items listed together with a Cost ($) indicator. Feel free to visit our online store to see all of our items


$$$Ball WinderManual winder, most sought after tool by knitters $250.00
$$$Heavy Duty SwiftManual 2 Yd Swift$370.00
$$$$Motorized Ball WinderMotorized Ball Winder - $650.00

$$Yarn MeterMechanical fishing meter type. Great for home use$60.00
$Notion CaseHolds all of your
doo-dads. Knitters LOVE these cases!
$+Row Counter PlusElectronic Row Countr with triple counter. For tech-minded knitter.$30.00
$DP WIP Tube SetFor Double Pointed Needle users - holds
$Needle GaugeMost heavily used tool in knitting. Good for everyone!$5.00

Click here to visit our online shop which includes all of our products.
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