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Ball Winder Spare Part

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Our Ball Winder and Power Base are meant to be serviced by the owner. Therefore, we offer spare parts for sale.

Typically, over the life of the unit (which can be decades), you will need to service the following areas:

Ball Winder:
  1. Black o-ring which goes aroynd the flange of the spindle (this will wear out normally over a few years and then should be replaced). If it shows signs of damage or cracking, it needs to be replaced immediately.
  2. Upgrade for older units produced from 2006-2008/9 - the 8" tall post with the curly Q wireform on top. The original unit had no way to be turned or slid back and forth on the arm that supported it. We off er a kit that upgrades the post and adds a new arm and knob.
  3. Clamp Ring - the original circular shaped clamp rings may need to be replaced if there is no visible seam in either side of the clamp ring (means it cannot be tightened any further).

Most importantly, however, you will need to clean the inside of the ball winder out periodically. Yarn shops must do this every 6-12 months. Knitters at home every 2-3 years. Watch our video on youtube which walks you thru the process.
Power Base:
  1. The most likely item that needs to be replaced is the belt or o-ring that runs between the motor and the ball winder. The original black and/or orange belts are no longer used except on the older power bases. However, when the motor on those older units needs to be replaced, the user will have to upgrade the pulleys and belts on their power base to the newer more powerful design which uses a 1/4" diameter Clear belt.
  2. Motor - the motor we offer now on both the power base and on the motorized skein-winder is the same. The orighimnal anc current motors last for about 2,000 running hours. In a normal yarn shop environment, that means the motor will last 3-4 years. At hoime, a motor may last 10 years. It all depends on how much you use it. As the motor ages the brushes inside the motor start to wear out and the gear system starts to get worn and eventually, the motor will not have the power to properly run. That's when you olrder a motor from NKK and you install it yourself (it's easy).
  3. The membrane switch panel should last a long time unless it had a defect. In which case, contact us
Part or ItemDescriptionPrice
Black O-ring for BW FlangeThis is the black oring on the ball winder that presses against the shaft that sticks up (flange drive). Qty 2$4.00
Black O-ring for top of spindleThis is the small black oring that you place on the top of the spindle to keep the ball from flying off. Qty 4$4.00
Tensioner Post Upgrade KitThis includes a new 8" tall std. post with a 1/4-20 insert, a new arm for the post, a 2" knob, and a peg$20.00
Arm for Tension Post This is the Arm that supports the Post. Some posts already have a Black Knob at the end but the Arm may not have the slot. This arm includes the slot for 1" of movement by the post$5.00
8" Tall Post with small (standard - 5/16" dia.) curly Q on topThis is the post that you guide the yarn thru the top of (Post only, no knob. or arm, or peg)$7.00
8" Tall Post with large (optional - 1.0" dia.) curly Q on top
This is the optional post for art yarn users who need a large 1" dia. curly Q$8.00
Large Black Knob for BW Tensioner Post (1/4" stud)That goes into the bottom of the 8" tall Post$3.00
Table Clamp Assy for attaching BW to table2 are used on the ball winder $5.00
Clamp Ring Assy, new with nut plateThis is the new version of the Clamp ring assembly complete with nut plate and 2 mounting screws$10.00
Peg for Tensioner Post ArmThis is the peg that goes thru the Tension Post arm and into the base$2.00
Gasket for Torque Tube Opening
This gasket can be added onto all Ball Winders made by NKK. Reduces the need to clean BW gear system.
More information
$1.50 USA
$3.50 Intl

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