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NKK offers an attractive selection of fine spinning tools. Although we do not make spinning wheels, we do make some of the best Lazy Kates and a variety of other tools specifically for spinners.
The images at right show most of our products for spinners.

NKK started shipping tools for Spinners in the early 2000 timeframe. Our Wraps Per Inch Tool Kit, which consists of a wooden WPI tool and one of our Knit Kards™, has been the leading seller of wpi tools Worldwide for the last decade.

Our Lazy Kates are the preferred Kates for discriminating spinners around the World. Our Anything but Lazy Kate™ (ABLK) has more forms of tensioning (3) that any other Kate on the market and can hold the largest bobbins made (for the Country Spinner brand).

The Spinner's Lap Cloth™ is an item that you do not see very often anymore but spinners find them to be invaluable.

Our Niddy Noddy is probably the World's strongest. It is also quite flexible with 3 separate arms available for measuring 1, 1.5, 2, and even 4 yard skeins! It comes packed in a denim carry bag.

The Wraps Per Inch Tool Kit™ is invaluable for determing the "weight" of your yarn.

Our Handy Andy Andean Plyer™ is a unique tool which you must see.

We also make Spinning Project Kards™ which allow the spinenr to record all of the information needed for a project they are working on.

Visit the webpages on the left menu for more detailed information.   

Some of the images above may show some of our original units which may have since been upgraded. The individual webpages for the products will fully describe their features.

Effective mid-May 2017 we have discontinued our Drop Spindle and Learn to Spin Kit. Sorry, but these are no lomnger offered.

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