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The Yarn Pet is a small tool that holds your balls (or cones) of yarn and allows you to remove the yarn in an orderly manner without re-twisting the yarn. But most importantly, the knitter never has to "tug" on their ball of yarn to free up the yarn. It just magically comes off of the ball as they knit.

It works in that manner because of the way we designed the Yarn Pet.  The ball rests on a wooden disk that freely rotates around the stainless steel rod. As the knitter knits, that simple pulling action that the needles generate is enough energy to cause the ball or cone to turn and dispense the yarn to the knitter. The yarn goes through an adjustable guide as well so the knitter can adjust the tension of the yarn as it is delivered to their needles. It all works so well you have to experience it to see how neat it really is. It will change the way that you knit insomuch that you no longer have to take valuable time to pull the yarn free of the ball which is a needless distraction (even though you have probably done this forever).
Our Yarn Pet ™ line of cone and ball holders has really opened another door for NKK. Using the technology that we developed for the Pet series we have been able to extend this method for holding yarn and tensioning it across many products. Given our extensive experience in making ball winders and meters, we were thrilled to be able to utilize the Pet technology in so many different ways. 

The unit comes complete with a 4" x 6" Maple Hardwood base, an adjustable guide, a stainless steel rod (3 different lengths are available), 2 shaft collars, an Allen Wrench, and a wooden disk.

Everything comes apart in less than 1 minute.

We recommend that once you determine the height that you want the ball to rest on the wooden disk at, then you tighten the 2 small shaft collars with the Allen Wrench and then the rod and disk will be assembled together and the disk will be locked in place. That enables you to place the disk and shaft assembly into your knitting bag along with the platform and guide.

This small tool can be used anywhere (on the floor, on a coffee table, in the car (while a passenger). The yarn can go in any direction after going thru the guide. 
Notice: Balls wound at the mill and not by a standard ball winder from a skein, are referred to as mill balls or mill wound yarn. These are long balls and are not the conventional cakes of yarn that a ball winder would make. These types of balls will now work on the Yarn Pet or Yarn Pet Duo although we originally thought they would not.

The reason that they did not work originally is that their ends have yarn which wraps around the rod too closely which catches on the rod. We have now discovered that if you raise the wood disc such that the top of the ball is slightly higher than the rod, then there seems to be no problem using the Pet series of products with this type of ball. You should also avoid using the yarn guide post when using these balls. That will allow the yarn to better navigate around the top of the ball and not get tangled. Because our design allows the user to raise or lower the disk height, we are able to work around this problem.

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