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Open a New Acct

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If you would like to open a new Wholesale Account with Nancy's Knit Knacks,
please review the following info:

  • You will be required to place an opening order that meets or exceeds our current minimum opening order requirement.
  • For purposes of calculating the order value, you may include 1 ball winder at the wholesale price but no other equipment can be included in the calculation.
  • For example, if you get a Power Base and a swift in addition to the ball winder, these items cannot be included in the order value calculation for the purpose of meeting the opening order requirement.
  • If you want to resell ball winders or swifts, you must buy 4 or more to have all of them applied to the opening order requirement.
  • The reason for these requirements is to eliminate those shops and businesses who simply want to buy equipment for their own internal use but have no intention of reselling it. This type of buyer should request a Professional Courtesy account instead.
  • The minimum opening order requirement is currently $400.00 which can include one ball winder priced at a maximum of $210.00
  • Another way to open an account is to purchase 125 or more of our Custom Needle Gauges priced at $2.40 each.

In summary, you can open a Whse account by purchasing:
  1. $400 or more of our tools for resale (only 1 ball winder may be included in order value)
  2. Buy 4 or more Ball Winders or Swifts/Skein-winders. These cannot be mixed and matched.
  3. Order 125 or more of our Custom Needle Gauges.
  4. You must complete the Wholesale Info form contained in our Online Shop - Link

If you want to order additional equipment for internal use, you may do so once you meet any of the three requirements above.

Questions? Please contact us at 800-731-5648 or email us at

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