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Yarn Pet Trio

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The Yarn Pet Trio is the "Big Daddy" of our cone holder line.It is desigend to hold up to 3 large cones measuring up to 8" in diameter and 10" in height. This unit has a low center of gravity and rubber feet to keep it in place regardless of cone size.

It uses our Yarn Pet Technology to spin the cones on the rods while dispensing yarn to the user. The yarn is never re-twisted and can be individually tensioned by our onboard tensioner for each cone.

For the first time, cones can be made to behave properly when dispensing yarn and not flayling all over the place. The Yarn Pet Trio is big enough to "tame" 10 cones - 3 at a time.
Each tensioner post can be turned to adjust the tension on that cone.

Bob's commentary - as we got into winding cones and using cones, we were dismayed that yarn on cones did not bahave properly. It was like an adolescent that needed some direction. We knew that if you pulled yarn off the top of a cone that it would re-twist. Given that Nancy was spinner we knew that a lot of thought went into the spinning of yarn and it just wasn't right for the cone to "carelessly" add or subtract twist to the yarn as it dispensed yarn to the user.  So we set out to solve the problem. The result was our Yarn Pet line of ball and cone holders.

By removing yarn from the cone horizontally we eliminate the retwisting of yarn. We allow the cone to spin as we remove the yarn. This adds just the right amount of tension to the yarn and we also use an adjustable tensioner to further tension the yarn if necesaey. Otherwise, our tensioner acts as a yarn guide. 

The Trio can be used on the floor or on the same level as the skein-winder. 

Whichever way you use it you will love it. It is the first truly capable cone holder that actually enhances the way the cones dispense yarn.

We offer 4" and 6" guides depending on what size cones you use. You want to have the guide at the middle of the cone approximately.

Watch our video on Youtube which shows a Trio in action.

19" wide and 8" deep Maple Hardwood. Big enough to declare law and order over misbehaving cones!

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