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Seams So Easy

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Our Seams So Easy™ tool allows you to free up both hands so that you can easily knit your seams on sock toes, heels and sleeves and many other projects.

What makes our tool unique is that it is held in place between your legs which provides a stabile platform (either egg shaped or platform). In addition to being held by your legs, the unit is at the correct height for you to work on your project. Made of hardwood (except for the pine base) so it will hold up to repeated pokes from your needles.

The platform has 2 slots that contain foam inserts that allow you to stick your needles into and hold your project to the top of the platform. Holding your project in place in this manner really frees up your hands on larger projects. The foam inserts are replaceable in the event that they deteriorate due to repeated pin insertions. We provide an extra set with the unit and additional sets are available from Nancy's Knit Knacks for a nominal charge.

The egg and the platform are both removable from the post and the base is also detachable from the post. You can easily disassemble the unit and carry it with you. The post is tapered on the top where the Egg and The Platform connect, and it has a threaded metal stud on the other end which connects to the base.

Both the egg and platform have flat areas on their top surfaces and this provides a great surface with which to arrange your seam as you start the seaming process. The balance of the surfaces are rounded.

There have been various "darning egg" products in the past, but our new Seams So Easy™ is a real step above. By offering 2 different shaped tools in the kit and the ability to hold the unit between your legs (which is the key feature), the traditional darning egg tool has graduated into a highly useful tool for all types of knitters.

Our new Seams So Easy™ started shipping early November 2011!

Retail price: $50.00

This tool was designed by NKK to be a highly useful tool for knitters. Although this product is relatively simple (you might think), there was a tremendous amount of engineering that we had to expend to finalize the various elements of the design. In fact, during the development we thought many times that the overall design did not seem to be so easy!

Seams So Easy™ is a quality engineered product designed and manufactured in the USA.

You will wonder why someone did not invent this tool earlier and you will become totally spoiled after using it!

The unit comes packaged in a quality white box that can be used as a permanent storage container.

Some of the following photos are of an earlier prototype which did not have the foam inserts installed.*

History of Seams So Easy

It is always interesting to look back at how the design of a tool is finally arrived at. In this case, Nancy came up with the idea of holding a Egg on a post between the knitter's legs in order to free up their hands. So we played with the design and then during a testing demo at our local yarn shop (Downtown Knits in Apex, NC), both a "regular" knitter and the shop owner came up the the idea of having a flat "platform like" structure so that the knitter could work a continuous seam along a longer flat length. So we played with that idea and we had to take a lot into consideration such as the height, length, and width of the platform, the method by which the user would switch back and forth from the egg to the platform, etc., etc.

Only after working with the design did we realize that the ability to pin the project to the platform was required so that introduced a whole set of other issues into the design.

There are things you will see in our design that allow the user to work long sleeves because they can wrap the long sleeve over the end of the platform and down the post as they work the seam. This is another key design feature.

Then there are material selection issues, assembly and finish issues, etc., etc., that we had to contend with.

So when you sit back and enjoy your Seams So Easy™, please keep this in mind that tools that appear to be simple and easy to use are not necessarily easy to design.

We appreciate that you purchased our tool. These purchases help us fund other interesting projects with you in mind! You will not get the same benefit from purchasing copycat products from nameless companies who make them overseas. Thanks for your support of American engineering and manufacturing (and knitter know-how)!

Nancy's Knit Knacks LLC

Purchase a Seams So Easy™ below:

Seams So Easy™ $50.00
During purchase you can add
a Perfect Notion Case for just $4.00 which can hold your T Pins



2 Extra Sets of Foam Inserts & 10 T Pins $5.00
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