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Prof. Courtesy Reqmts

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Welcome to Nancy's Knit Knacks Professional Courtesy info page

A Professional Courtesy Account allows companies and individuals who are not typically resellers of products from other companies and do not want to resell ours, to buy our equipment at a discount. Many other manufacturers would require that non-wholesale accounts such as this pay retail prices but we recognize the need for small businesses to be able to purchase needed equipment at a discount. So that is why we created this Professional Courtesy category.

We limit the products that we offer under this program to the following:
  • Ball Winders, both manual and motorized
  • Cone Winders, both manual and motorized
  • Swifts
  • Skein-winders
  • Electronic Yarn Meters
  • ABLK
  • Jumbo Lazy Kate
  • Niddy Noddies
  • WPI Tools
  • Yarn Pet Duo's and Trio's

The intent is for you to be able to purchase these tools at a discount for your own use, but you are restricted in terms of the number that you can purchase at the Professional Courtesy price. If you need to buy multiple units, please contact us.

To open a Professional Courtesy account, customer needs to do the following:
  1. Review all of the information contained on this webpage
  2. Comply with the requirements listed on this webpage
  3. Complete the Professional Courtesy Info Form which is linked at the bottom of this page (the form is on our online shop)
  4. Register in our online shop - link
  5. Secure our approval of your application. Please call us if in a hurry.
  6. If your application is approved, we will then "tag" your online account as Whse or Pro and notify you of our decision. At that point, you will be able to log in and place your opening order at whse price levels. Please ensure that your opening Whse order meets our requirements as listed on this page othrwise it may be held up and delayed or even rejected.

Please review the following requirements for opening a Professional Courtesy Account:

Professional Courtesy Requirements
1.Customer must operate a business that sells products or services and is licensed by either their state or local jurisdiction. Must have a Sales Tax ID if required by their state.
2.The business must generate 50% or more of its revenue from knitting or spinning related activities.
3.Customer must have a verifiable website or venue which NKK can visit online to verify that customer is actively selling products or services. If the business is brand new then please contact NKK so we can discuss your particular situation.
4.Private instructors and designers are eligible to open a Professional Courtesy account but must provide evidence of their professional activities.
5.Professional Courtesy customers are offered certain  products at our Professional Courtesy price level which is less than the Retail price but more than the Wholesale price. For Professional Courtesy customers to upgrade to Whse, they must meet the requirements in the Whse section.
6.Payment terms -  Professional Courtesy customers must pay for their orders at the time of shipment by credit card or PayPal.

Professional Courtesy Account Application
Please visit the Wholesale & Professional Courtesy Info page in our online store and complete the form which is contained on that page in order to be considered for either type of account. Even if you need to place an order immediately, please complete this process and then contact us by phone or email

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