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Who are we?

Nancy's Knit Knacks is a family run business. We started operations in the year 2000 with a smaller version of our Knit-Kards line. Things moved fast from that point as we steadily added  product after product. Each of them were designed to solve a problem that knitters (and Later, spinners) had.
Year after year we added products such as knitting bags, yarn meters, row counters, spinner's tools, and more.
Major innovations like our Wraps Per Inch Tool, 15 different Knit-Kards, and then in 2006, our now World famous Heavy Duty Ball Winder, was introduced to a tool-hungry fiber market.

We followed the ball winder with a motorized drive system and an Electronic Yarn Meter that could work with the ball winder system. The ball winder line has been so successful that we have had extremely steady demand for them since they first debuted in 2006. We have made 12 to 16 per week for 7 years running! During that period we have shipped over 5,000 commercial grade ball winders.

In 2010, we introduced our line of commercial quality Swifts and Skein-winders. This line has done for swifts what our ball winder did for the ball winder market. We added table and floor models, manual and motorized models, single and triple yarn guides, and even the World's first 4 yard skein-winder/swift.  

We continue to expand the line of commercial grade equipment as we fully intend to maintain "ownership" of that part of the market. The market that resides between consumer and industrial segments. This is the commercial grade/professional market and it includes the types of high quality/high performance tools that all shops and professionals should use.

We continue to build some of the very best tools for spinners as well with our line of professional lazy kates and niddy noddies as well as other useful tools for spinners.

Even though our Knit-Kard line was our first product, we still sell many of these handy reference cards. They were revamped and updated in 2008 and include most of the solutions that any knitter would ever need, all in one handy pack of durable Kards.

All of our tools are carefully conceived and engineereed by Nancy and myself, combined with the efforts of our suppliers, contractors, and even our customers. We regularly hear from customers when they have invented their very own tool and would like us to develop and market it which we sometimes do. We source as many of our products from our USA suppliers as we can. But if necessary to get the best solution, we seek out international sources as well.

We guarantee our customers that our products will perfrom their intended task or we will refund their money.

As a reseller of our fine products, you are offering your customers the very best tools that are available in the market.

Feel free to call or email us if you would like to know more about our company or products.


Bob Shroyer

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