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Tax Deductions


Tax reporting for 2014 is a few days or so away

Why not get some attractive tax deductions while also becoming more productive?

As a premier equipment manufacturer, we have the types of products that you can invest in which may reduce your taxes while simultaneously making you more productive in your fiber related business.

How would you feel seeing a new equipment setup being delivered to your shop this year?! How would your accountant feel taking a nice size deduction against your 2014 taxes for such equipment?

Speak with other shop owners who have our equipment and see what they recommend. Or better yet, call us and we can recommend equipment for you.

  • We have been making Heavy Duty Ball Winders since 2006
  • We have been making Motorized Ball Winders since 2008.
  • We have been making Electronic Metering systems since 2009.
  • We have been making Swifts and Skein-winders since 2010/2011.

These are not johnny-come-lately products either. They are all highly engineered and Made in the USA with installations located Worldwide.

At Nancy's Knit Knacks, our equipment does "the heavy lifting" for you as a shop owner or indie dyer or small fiber processor. It does this in two different ways:

  • Our commercial grade equipment winds (and measures) your yarn in a highly competent manner. Our equipment is serious business and is intended to get work done, day in and day out. Just what you want and expect.

  • Plus our equipment is not inexpensive. Just what you should be looking for when it comes to generating sizable Tax Deductions for your business at the end of the year. Purchasng  a case of paper or some toner/ink for your printer at the end of the year will not affect your taxes. Purchasing our equipment, however, can help you to substantially save on your taxes.

Don't waste your time or money buying cheap plastic tools that do not hold up. Invest in hardwood and steel/aluminum tools designed and manufactured in the USA specifically for yarn shop and professional use. Yes, indeed, our heavy duty tools were designed for yarn shops and other commercial users. They were not designed for consumer use (even though many consumers buy them). 

We have custom designed electronics that power our motorized units as well as yarn metering devices. There is no other company in our industry that can match our broad offering of ball winders, swifts and skein-winders, and electronic yarn meters. In each of these product areas, we have either hundreds or thousands of systems installed Worldwide.

Consider getting a Motorized Ball Winder - the most sought after equipment we sell. Plus our Swifts and Skein-winders are fast becoming the preferred skein handling equipment in the market. Electronic Metering systems? That's easy, we are the only company that makes them.

So, if you want the best and most flexible/expandable systems for your business and you want to get a great tax deduction this year, you should consider investing in our line of tools. We can accept your order and have you prepay it this calendar year even though we may be backlogged opn certian items until early 2015. In any event, you get to take your tax deduction this year. 

Review the equipment items that you may want to purchase now, before year-end, and take a tax deduction for Tax Year 2014. We can receive your order, you can pay for it and we will ship it in early 2015. You can still deduct this expense in 2014 since you paid for the equipment in 2014. Check with your tax advisor to verify your situation.

There is no better time of the year to make an investment than right now. Why? Because you can write it off asap!
Although buying equipment during the early part of the year doesn't immediately impact your tax bill, your increased productivity will impact your bottom line. So, whether you buy now or later in the 1st quarter, you'll be doing the right thing.

Click here to see the password protected list of Wholesale and Professional Courtesy equipment items and their prices.
If you have never registered in this whse section, you can easily do that on the login page that pops up.

Note: Please see your tax advisor for details concerning the deductability of equipment purchases. 


We anticipate implementing a series of price increases to a variety of products in early 2015 due to cost increases. Please keep this in mind. Orders received this calendar year will be price protected.

Although we are not certain as to which products are going up, we know that none are going down. The Ball Winder product line will be going up. The price change info will be disseminated prior to the end of the year. 

Labor cost note: We pay reasonable rates for the work we have done by others in making our products unlike some industries who have not provided workers with increases for years at a time. Although we do not like price increases, we understand that to maintain happy workers who make quality products, such actions are necessary and in fact, a good thing. Companies (and independent contractors) need to cover their costs and increase their earnings while also becoming more efficient if they are to have a healthy and vibrant workforce. It is too bad that many of our manufacturing industries didn't embrace this same philosophy in the 1990's and 2000's. If they had, we would still have a viable domestic manufacturing base in the USA.  
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