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Products by Categories

Key Product Info

NKK makes many products for knitters and spinners. Since we do not use Reps or Distributors, you won't see our products from those sources. However, that doesn't mean that our products are not worthy of your attention. On the contrary, our products are World Class in every respect.

Incidentally, we do have a large booth at the Annual TNNA Trade Show in Columbus, OH. The pictures at right are of the 2013 show. Each year we meet many of our existing customers at the show and always sign up 20-35 new accounts. Try to attend the show next year and stop in and meet us!

Small tools and notions

We offer a list of products that are highly functional and extremely useful for both knitters and spinners.

See all of our tools and notions -

Large Equipment

We are the leaders in the development and manufacture of Heavy Duty Ball Winding systems, Swifts and Skein-winders, and electronic yarn metering systems. If you need a high quality, high performance winder or metering system, we are the ones to speak to in this industry.

  • Heavy Duty Ball Winder

  • Power Base for the Ball Winder
  • Heavy Duty Cone Winder
  • Electronic Yarn Meter
  • __________________________
  • Heavy Duty 2 Yard Swift
  • Heavy Duty 2 Yard Skein-winder
  • Motor Drive system for the Skein-winder
  • Floor Stand option
  • Double and Triple Yarn Guide options
  • High Capacity Yarn Guides (holds up to 1 kilo)
  • Electronic Rotation Counter for the Skein-winder
  • Heavy Duty 4 Yard Swift
  • Heavy Duty 4 Yard Skein-winder
  • and more.....

Visit the Ball Winder webpage

Visit the Swift and Skein-winder webpage

Visit the Electronic Yarn Meter webpage

Tools for Spinners

We are also a leader in the development of tools for spinners. We do not make spinning wheels but make the best Lazy Kates and Niddy Noddies out there. Plus, our smaller items such as our market leading WPI Tool, Learn to Spin Kit, Spinners Lap Cloth, and Handy Andy Andean Plyer are World Class solutions for spinners and we ship them Worldwide.

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