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Indie Dyers

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Indie dyers can benefit from using our various swifts and skein-winders. We offer floor and table top mount systems. Manual or motorized, meterized or not.

With our systems you can measure precise amounts of yarn which is very important. You never want to short a customer when it comes to yarn. With our 2 metering systems the indie dyer can make sure that they are giving the customer the correct amount of yarn. This also saves the indie dyer money by not giving too much yarn away for free.

Our Pet series of cone holders also ensures that the indie dyer is not re-twisting their yarn as it comes off of a cone.

So, the indie dyer receives the following benefits when they invest in our equipment:

  • Heavy duty commercial construction

  • Flexibility with table top or floor mounts

  • Flexibility with 1, 2 or 3 (and even high capacity) yarn guide systems

  • Manual or motorized drive

  • Accurate electronic metering which interfaces with our skein-winders and ball winders

  • Made in the USA with USA phone support

  • Innovative cone holder technologies

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