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Whse & Prof Shopping


Shopping in our Shopping Cart Section is easy!

You simply have to Log in
when entering our Shopping Cart system.

If you have never logged in to our Shopping Cart before, then you will first have to
Register one time. When you register, you will enter the same 3 letter code that we issued to you in the Price Lists page. Go there now to get the code if you do not have it. You will need that code to Register in the Shopping Cart. This special code will identify you to the system as either a Wholesale or Professional Courtesy customer.

After you Register one time, each time that you log into the Shopping Cart, you will be automatically recognized by the system as either a Wholesale or Professional Courtesy customer and all of the prices that you see will be appropriate for your customer category.

You can verify that you are viewing wholesale, retail, or Professional prices by checking the right side of the shopping cart screen.
Click here to see how to check your status as well as where to Register and also retrieve your password if you have forgotten it.

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