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How to open account

Open Acct

This is important info PLEASE read this page

Opening a new Wholesale account is easy

To open a Wholesale or Professional Courtesy acount you need to meet the following requirements as well as complete the New Shop Application at the bottom of this page.

If you don't want to resell our products but you need high quality ball winders or swifts for your business? Then click here!


  • You need to have a brick and mortar or an Internet business (or be a company that sells products at fiber shows) which sells fiber related products. You must sell products other than just your own.

  • A state Tax ID or other license that shows that you are a licensed business unless your state does not require such a license.

  • You want to actively resell NKK products and plan to buy products for inventory (not just for your own use).

  • You may also want to buy NKK equipment for your shop use which is great. However, if this is your only purpose for buying equipment, then you are probably a Professional Courtesy Account.

Professional Courtesy

  • You need to have a business which is involved in the fiber arts

  • You need a State Tax ID or other proof that you are a business and are not just practicing a hobby.  

  • You need a website that we can visit that demonstrates that you are a fiber related business. Etsy is OK.

  • You need either a physical location or a website address from which you sell products or services.

  • You do not plan to resell our products but you would like to use NKK tools within your own business.

Note: Professional courtesy prices are halfway between retail and wholesale prices (sample: an item is priced at $100 retail and the wholesale price is $60, then the Prof Ctsy price is $80. We only offer Prof. Ctsy. prices on equipment, typically.

Minimum Opening Order

For Wholesale customers, we have a minimum opening order requirement of $400.00 of which a minimum of $190 must be for items used for resale in your business (i.e not for ball winders, swifts, or electronic meters).
The Min. Opening Order can be satisfied in any of the following ways:



Login to the Wholesale Section below if you have already registered

If you need to Register, please click here

Login to this Wholesale Section (to review price lists, sale items, and other info)

Join the Wholesale Mailing List

If you would like to receive emails from Nancy's Knit Knacks about new products and other newsy items, please join our Wholesale Mailing List at the bottom of this page.

Wholesale Account Requirements
1.Must be Fiber related
Customer must own and operate an existing fiber-related business. 50% or more of revenue must be from fiber related sales. New businesses which have not yet opened may also qualify, however, NKK will need evidence that the new business is underway in terms of location, licensing, product offerings, etc.
2Business Types
Businesses can be: brick and mortar yarn (or other fiber related) shops, catalog/Internet, subscription service, fiber show vendor, fiber related schools with active product sales, and others businesses as decided by NKK (*see Amazon requirements).
3Minimum Opening Order
Accounts can be opened with a minimum $400 order (based on whse prices) which can include one Ball Winder as part of the $400 requirement. The balance (~$190) of the opening order requirement must be comprised of our small knitting and spinning tools or custom needle gauges. Additional Ball Winders (units #2 and 3) shall not count toward the $400 requirement (see next item). but can be included on the order.

Equipment Resellers - If customer wants to sell equipment (Ball Winders, Swifts or Skein-winders), a minimum of four (4) of these items (from the same product category) must be purchased after which the customer may add the purchase of individual units from the other product categories to the opening order. Note: Productcategories consist of Ball Winders, Swifts and Skein-winders. Power Bases cannot b

Power Bases may be added to the opening order after the requirements above have been met.

Custom Needle Gauges
New accounts can be opened when buying custom needle gauges provided that the total order is $400 or more. Any equipment item may be added to the order as well as small tools. If the customer only wants custom gauges, then 250 must be purchased.

4.Amazon resellers
In an effort to start limiting the number of resellers who are actively selling our products on Amazon, a number of requirements shall be imposed:

  1. Amazon resellers must divulge their plans to sell our products on Amazon to NKK at the outset of establishing an NKK Whse account.
  2. Such resellers must already be involved in the sale of fiber related products and such sales must be worth 50% or more of their total sales.
  3. Non-Fiber Related businesses - NKK desires to have only fiber related businesses selling its products on Amazon and on all other portals. NKK does not wish to have businesses, which are not involved in fiber related product sales in one way or another, selling its products. Businesses which are not involved in the fiber arts and which are selling our products on Amazon shall either be denied an account or phased out over time. Businesses which change their product focus and markets over time and which sell NKK products, may have their Wholesale accounts cancelled by NKK with 30 days notice.
  4. Returns - Businesses which do sell on Amazon must document how they will manage returns from Amazon including methods for dispositioning "defective" returns back to NKK.
  5. MSRP - NKK prefers that its resellers which sell its products on Amazon sell at the listed MSRP.
  1. Wholesale accounts must maintain their accounts on a current basis (i.e no past due balances) or they shall be required to pay by credit card/PayPal at time of shipment.
  2. Net 30 terms vs. Credit cards and PayPal - If an account prefers to pay by credit card or PaytPal, they must pay for their order at time of shipment and not at the end of a Net 30 day cycle. If they do wait to pay at the end of a 30 day cycle by credit card or PayPal, NKK shall add a flat 4% fee to the invoice.


There is no minimum for Professional Courtesy customers
There is no minimum that you must reach.

Professional Courtesy customers can purchase any of our equipment items (ball winders, swifts, skein-winders, electronic meters, Lazy Kates and Niddy Noddies). Most other items are ineligible for Prof Ctsy discounts, however.

Once a business is declared as a Wholesale or Prof. Ctsy account they will maintain that status unless they stop meeting the requirements set forth in this section.

Steps for opening a new account for Wholesale and Professional Courtesy

First - Complete our
New Shop Application below (for both shops and professionals). This gives us background info about yourself and your business.

Then  Register in this Wholesale Section to gain access to the Wholesale/Professional Courtesy Price Lists

If you have a specific list of needs, send them to us by  email

If you have an emergency requirement then
call us

Once you Register in this Wholesale Section, you will gain access to the
Price Lists and you will see what the 3 Digit Registration Code is that you will need in order to register in the SHOPPING CART. By registering in the Shopping Cart you will be able to order items at a discount! If you don't register in the Shopping Cart and don't enter the special 3 Digit Code, the system will treat you as a retail customer and will not give you a discount.

Login to the Shopping Cart
After registering in this Wholesale Section you will be provided with the 3 digit Registration Code that you will need for Registering in the Shopping Cart. If you are an existing customer, you may have already registered in the Shopping Cart so just log in if you want to purchase products. If you cannot remember your username or password, there is a method for retrieving this info in the Shopping Cart (right side of most pages).
The special 3 digit registration code will identify you as either a wholesale or professional courtesy customer which will then display the appropriate discounted pricing as you browse our store.

Wholesale and Professional Courtesy customers use different 3 digit Registration Codes. Use the one that is applicable to your customer classification. Don't know whether you are a wholesale or professional courtesy customer?  Then review this info.

When you are ready to actually start shopping in our Shopping Cart, you will need to first
login (or Register
if this is your first visit) in the Shopping Cart before you can actually shop at discounted pricing. If you see on the right hand side of the Shopping Cart screen that you are listed as a Retail customer, then you are not receiving wholesale or professional courtesy pricing. You need to  Register using the 3 digit registration code that we gave you after registering in this Wholesale Section.

Shopping - Once registered in our shopping cart, you may shop at a discount. Click here to enter the shopping cart section. Note, if you do not register as a whse customer first, you will be charged retail prices. Review the paragraph immediately above this one!

New Shop Application is below. Complete this if you want ti open an account with NKK
Wholesale Mailing List - Complete this list if you want to join our mailing list. If you have completed the application on the left side of this page, you will be automatically added to our mailing list.
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