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Smartphone APP


Nancy's Knit Knacks is happy to report that we have a SmartPhone APP that will help us communiucate key information to our customers.
The system is based on the FeedReady engine which is a commercial application that is FREE to you, the user!

It works with both iPhone and Android devices.

With FeedReady, we can publish notices of sales, new product announcements , price changes, availability information, and technical notices about our products. We will not over-use it, we promise, but we will publish content when it makes sense for the whse community. We will also have a retail feed which will present info in a different way to our retail customers. We will attempt to push our retail subscribers toward you, our whse customers. But you need to make it known that you offer our products! Otherwise, retail customers will not know.

Click on this
link to capture the FeedReady feed on your device


In order to receive our FeedReady data, here is all that you need to do:

  • Go to the Apple APP store or Google Play and search for FeedReady.

  • Select it for download and install it. It's FREE!

  • Then visit our Whse page ( on your device and you will receive a signal for a "feed" that you can link to. Follow the directions and add our feed to your FeedReady APP. Then whenever you want to see what we have uploaded, go to your FeedReady APP on your device and we will be listed there. You will also receive notifcations when we have uploaded something new.

You can use FeedReady with other sites that use that system. Visit the FeedReady site for more info.

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