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Please visit our new online Shop! It is named www.NKKshop.com. Click this image to go there now!
All shopping from Nancy's Knit Knacks is now done thru this new online shop.
Our new
is at this
If you need repair or tuneup services for your Ball Winder, etc. - click here
Do you want to order an item?
Go to our Shopping Cart and shop by Category
Do you want more Product info?
Then go to the menu above and select PRODUCT INFO
Ball Winders - $330.00
Electric Ball Winders - $825.00
Swifts - $395.00
Attn: All orders for Belts, O-rings & Motors
Must now be placed online. This is especially true for shops and Professionals.
Visit our new online shop and shop here for belts and motors
NKK Online Store
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