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Welcome to Nancy's Knit Knacks' Wholesale Webpages

Thanks for visiting our Wholesale section. We offer wholesale customers a variety of World Class knitting and spinning products. We have designed the vast majority of our products inhouse. In those few cases in which we were not the initial inventors, we heavily participated in the product's design. Our broad product offering places us among the leading fiber arts tool design firms. What this means for you is that we can provide you with World Class tools for sale to your discriminating customers and for use within your own business.

We specialize in a number of areas:

  • Commercial grade winding and measurement tools - our products are among the leading tools that wind and measure yarn length. Until you get to the industrial level, you will not find any better tools for doing these functions.

  • Professional Grade tools for spinners - our lazy kates and niddy noddies are among the best that can be used by professional fiber artists. Since spinning is an individual task (and not viewed as a "fiber shop" or organizational activity like ball winding or skein-winding are), the design level grade that we refer to in this area is more considered as "professional" as opposed to commercial. Our Handy Andy Andean Plyer and other spinning tools also represent "best of breed" products.

  • We also offer smaller tools and notions that are popular resale items in yarn shops. Our Perfect Notion Case and WIP DP Tubes are in high demand year after year. Please view our many products in the knitting section of our Website.  

2018 Note: We have significantly changed our Wholesale and Professional Courtesy Sections. This website no longer contains the details related to opening an account for either Wholesale or Professional Courtesy purposes. Please review the updated section within our store for more info on opening an account.
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